With winter fast approaching NG boards answered the 100+ email requests for what millions of you were probably too shy to ask for:

snow tires for your skateboard wheels.  I hope you are happy beautiful nation of Finlandia


3 Responses to “N.G.LGS”

  1. Doomageddon Says:


  2. moonbeam117 Says:

    wtf is this? skateboards r ment to go on cement. snow would get into the bearings n rust them, and would waterlog the board. worst idea ever.

    • ngboards Says:

      Skateboards are meant to go wherever they are designed to. Just because because your puny skateboard can only ride on cement does not mean that we cannot design one that rides on lava with bearings made of carbon carbon with a chemical vapor deposition layer of diamond on them. Oh yeah and what if the deck was made of ………… Drumroll…………NOT WOOD?

      Besides, NGLGS is far from the worst idea ever. The worst idea ever is to accept what currently exists as the only possibility for a solution. That as well as the movie baby geniuses 2 super babies. Does that help you out a little? If not here is a freebie:
      Carbon Carbon with CVD coating of diamond doesn’t rust or waterlog :/ but i am sure you knew that :::::::barf on your face:::::::::

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