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OMG! Sex and the City 2 spyshots? WTF!

September 23, 2009

SATC2 preview

For some reason one of the N.G. Boards semi-semi-pro-boarders was north of 9th street and happened upon the filming of Sex and the City 2.  The story revolves around the introspective one getting sick of hoity toity assholes and moves to LA where she takes up skateboarding- her friends (cancer and the bitchy one) talk her into coming back where she finds an urban streetwear company that allows her to maintain her new old-G image while satiating her need for Veblen goods


N.G. Skateboard Park Design

September 14, 2009

lego skatepark002Lego Skatepark001

We have begun design of the N.G. skatepark using the most sophisticated 3d modeling tool available: the Lego Digital Workshop

Our plan uses the existing footprint of Central Park but could expand well down to 14th street

All Gain, No Pain – secrets uncovered

August 3, 2009

Tylenol 3Tylenol 2

Finally here is a sports drink we can get behind, ever since original original Coca-Cola was discontinued.  This is a gateway softdrink

Frank Gehry designed ramp

May 28, 2009


“I was so sick of all that Disney shit- I just wanted to rip shit up!”

Foldable is Awesome!!!!!

May 4, 2009



Foldable concept is EVERYWHERE~!!! OMG!

and..  i hate to say this..  but

it Works with ALL of them!

April 16, 2009


April 14, 2009


watevr I

April 9, 2009


N.G. is starting

April 3, 2009