July 30, 2009


Introducing the N.G.BA- it looks like an innocent gift to a friend, because they probably will not notice the fine line of holes drilled diagonally across the deck.  Your friend gets a little suspicious when you keep encouraging him to hit bigger and bigger gaps, or to try that 50-50 grind on the handrail.  Christmas is fast approaching!  Show your friends you love them.


“Form Follows _____STFU_____”

July 27, 2009

F you and your form follows phrases forever

We have all witnessed the bastardization of the phrase “form follows function” into “form follows ______” or “form follows phallus” whatever etc. ad nauseam- whether you are an overrated designer, self-proclaimed philosopher, “creative” “director”, design school acolyte, “teaching was my first choice” failure, or architect with the unwilling audience.  We have words for all of you: SHUT UP


July 22, 2009


With winter fast approaching NG boards answered the 100+ email requests for what millions of you were probably too shy to ask for:

snow tires for your skateboard wheels.  I hope you are happy beautiful nation of Finlandia


July 15, 2009

ngt3d002 copyNGt3d001

more like T3RD

Transformers 3 pics leaked

July 10, 2009

Megan Fox is a Fox

Some pics have made it to the internet of N.G.’s release of Transformers 3: Skate or Transform or Die, featuring the transformable skate deck named “N.G.T3D”.

The movie is said to feature Megan Fox’s character extensively with shots of her falling off her skateboard after dropping out of community college.  She enters an all-female skateboard competition and learns that sometimes if you don’t quit, you can do it.

N.G. Moonwalkers

June 29, 2009

NG moonwalker

NG factory rejects?  Who was directing the factory work?  Show me!

Zaha Hadid designed skateboard ramp

June 15, 2009


I wanted to bring the next level shit- Gehry took it a step but I took it a light year further with my solar panel ramp.  Ahhh shit

Frank Gehry designed ramp

May 28, 2009


“I was so sick of all that Disney shit- I just wanted to rip shit up!”


May 22, 2009



May 21, 2009